The Building Department includes the offices of the Wiring Inspector, Plumbing Inspector, and the Gas Inspector. We provide assistance to the public in filing permit applications, review Zoning interpretations, and conduct inspections in conjunction with approved permits.

We provided no inspections on Fridays.

Building permit applications can now be submitted online here

If you would like more information regarding online permitting read on below.

Please review the below information to assist you in your online submission:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Requirements for a Successful Submission:
  3. Navigating your Successfully Submitted Application:
  4. Monitoring Application/Permit Status
  5. Payment
  • Click the ‘Start’ Button (scroll down to find)
    • Please be sure to bookmark/favorite the Login screen so you do not have to access through the Town Website
  • Create/Login to your Permit Eyes Account
  • Click ‘New Application’
  • Choose the appropriate Permit Application
    • **Be sure to utilize the PDF links in the top right corner of all applications to assist with 'Plan/Departmental Requirement' attachments

Applicants are required to print Permits to be kept onsite during the project.

You can now to track Departmental sign-off, Scheduled Inspections and Inspection Results and apply for amendments to existing permits.

Forms & Documents