Designated Driver Program

Rockland Police MassachusettsThe Designated Driver Program is a cooperative effort between Chief John R. Llewellyn, Rockland Police Department, District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz and 17 participating establishments in Rockland. The participating licensed establishment will provide free non-alcoholic beverages to patrons who identify themselves as the Designated Driver to their server.

The Designated Driver accepts the responsibility to ensure that the other members in the party, especially those who are impaired, are transported home safely. The Designate Driver must be in a party of two or more and must not consume any alcoholic beverages that evening.

If the Designated Driver orders an alcoholic beverage or is seen consuming an alcoholic beverage, the designated drive status is revoked, and the non-alcoholic drinks previously served will be charged at full price.

Additional Information

For more information call 781-871-3890, or if it is an emergency, please contact 911.