Information Available at Local Police Departments

Information about a sex offender is available to the public only if he/she has a duty to register and he/she has been finally classified by the Board as a Level 2 or a Level 3 Offender. Before an offender can be finally classified, he/she must be offered the opportunity for an administrative, evidentiary hearing to determine his/her degree of dangerousness and likelihood for re-offense. As a result, information pertaining to a sex offender will not be available to the public unless and until he/she has been given the opportunity for a hearing. The Board is currently contacting offenders to offer them the opportunity to have a hearing. Once an offender is finally classified as a Level 2 or a Level 3 Offender, his/her sex offender registry information will be available to the public. 

Registry information will be updated regularly. You may obtain registry information by appearing in person at your local police department or by requesting information from the Board by mail. Please check this website often for updates.

Sex Offender Request Form

A person may request sex offender information by going to his/her local city or town police station. After presenting proper identification, the requester must fill out a sex offender request form containing:

  • The name and address of the requester
  • Information may be requested in the following manners:
    • Inquire whether a specifically named individual or a person described by sufficient identifying information to allow the police to identify the individual is a sex offender
    • The requester may inquire whether any sex offenders live or work within the same city or town of a specific address, including, but not limited to, a residential address, business address, school, after school program, day care center, playground, recreational area or other identified address
    • The requester may inquire whether any sex offenders live or work at a specific street address within the city or town where the person is requesting sex offender information
    • Where the police department is located in a city or town with more than one zip code area, the inquiry may ask whether any sex offenders live or work within a specified zip code. In Boston, such inquiry may be made by specified police district
  • The reason for the request.
  • The date and time of the request

Information Released

If the request results in the identification of a sex offender, the police will distribute the offender's: 

  • Age
  • the Dates of Conviction and/or Adjudication
  • Eye and Hair Color
  • Height
  • Home Address
  • Name
  • a Photo of the Offender, if Available
  • the Sex Offenses Committed
  • Sex
  • Weight
  • Work Address

The information will be provided free of charge.

Additional Information

  • All information provided to the public will include language prohibiting the misuse of sex offender information for harassment or discriminatory purposes.
  • All records of inquiry will be kept confidential, except to assist or defend in a criminal prosecution.
  • The police will not release information identifying the victim by name, address or relation to the offender.
  • For copies of the form to request sex offender information from the Rockland Police Department. Please visit the Forms and Publications page. or email Sgt Greg Pigeon at

Note: Any information provided by either the police or the Sex Offender Registry Board will be limited only to offenders who have been finally classified by the Board Level 2 or Level 3 offenders or Sexually Violent Predators. The law prohibits the Board and police departments from disseminating any information on a sex offender who has not been finally classified by the Board or who has been finally classified as a Level 1 offender.