Construction Specifications

The following are the responsibilities of the contractor when laying water mains in the Town of Abington or Rockland:

  1. Notify digsafe and obtain road-opening permit from Town or State, whichever is applicable. A copy to be filed in this office
  2. Police detail
  3. Material specifications must be met
  4. Hydrants to be painted yellow with white reflective Bonnet
  5. Water main to be hand covered and tamped with suitable material - trench to be compacted every foot there after
  6. Chlorination and pressure testing of new line at 150 pounds for two hours - witnessed by inspector  - copy of results must be filed with this office
  7. Complete road clean-up (seeding and loam)
  8. Temporary cold patching, re-patching after settling, followed up by blacktopping/re-blocking after settling
  9. One year responsibility from date of Town's acceptance for any water main damage or failure, and road repair
  10. Water service responsibility will be for one year from date service to building is activated
  11. All water main and service to be covered with warning tape installed approximately 1 foot below ground
  12. Copper tubing must be installed from the corporation stop to the curb stop
  13. Services measuring a distance of 50 feet or greater between the curb stop and the point of service entry to the structure must be plastic tubing
  14. As-built drawings are required for water main and service installation