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The Town of Rockland is pleased to offer licensed contractors and property owners the ability to apply, pay for, and receive building, electrical, gas, and plumbing permits online through Full Circle Technologies, our permitting partner. We believe this initiative will provide greater convenience, an enhanced level of service, and improve the overall customer experience.

All applicants will be required to create their own account which will allow them to view the progress of their application as it goes through the Building Department's approval process. By creating their own account, the applicant can also upload required documentation, communicate with the building department through either a chat or email, and also maintain a history of previously submitted permits.

Homeowners are able to submit Building Permits & Electrical Permits only. A licensed plumber or gasfitter has to submit all plumbing and gas permits.

Building permit applications can now be submitted online here. Application and plans can be uploaded. Once reviewed, payment and permit issuance are completed electronically. For questions please contact the Building Department.